The Premier's Message

I am proud to launch the Defence Industry Employment Program for Ex-Service Personnel.
This is an important initiative that will support South Australian veterans and help them gain employment in the defence sector.
Our veterans and ex-service personnel play a vital role in South Australia’s community. My Government recognises their service to our nation, and we are committed to providing strong support to current and former Australian Defence Force personnel, their families and carers.
Every year, around 5,200 personnel leave the Defence Force, and they deserve our help in returning to civilian life.
Our state is enjoying unprecedented growth in the defence industry. Thousands of South Australian jobs will be created through naval shipbuilding activities alone and there are many more opportunities in other areas of industry.
This presents a significant opportunity for our highly skilled veterans to capitalise on the jobs flowing through the defence industry supply chain in South Australia.
Leveraging the opportunities in South Australia’s defence industry and the skills our veterans offer, this targeted program provides former defence personnel with a pathway to employment within our burgeoning defence sector.
I encourage defence industry and veterans to take advantage of this unique program, which will maximise the job outcomes for ex-service personnel and enrich our defence industry with experienced workers.

Steven Marshall

The Premier of South Australia

What is the Veterans Employment Program?

The Veterans Employment Program has been created to effectively action and achieve the vision of the South Australian Premier of supporting any veteran that seeks a role within defence industry to find employment.

The South Australian Veterans employment program seeks to inform veterans about and connect them to employment opportunities within defence industry in South Australia. The objective is for them to secure employment in any company that delivers into Defence. South Australia has a large proportion of SMEs within its defence ecosystem with many seeking to increase the proportion of work they deliver to Defence. The skills and experience of our veteran community will provide significant advantages to businesses working in or seeking to work in the Defence Sector.

The South Australian Veterans program represents a collaboration between Industry, State Government, and employment agencies. The Defence Teaming Centre, Defence SA, Veterans SA have formed a partnership to effectively connect veterans to Industry with the assistance of employment agencies. Industry partners will be encouraged to focus on veterans as a valuable source of prospective employees.

The program will not only connect veterans to opportunities but also inform veterans of how their existing skills relate to the opportunities that exist. If a gap exists between existing and necessary skills the program will be a source of information as to how veterans can address these gaps.

Our vision:

To leverage veterans skills & experience to effectively contribute to the South Australian Defence Industry.

Our mission:

To effectively achieve employment for veterans who are seeking employment by highlighting and maximising their skills and assisting with the alignment thereof with existing opportunities.

To introduce veterans to employment pathways within the defence industry in South Australia. To ensure companies seeking to enter the defence market understand the value a Veteran can bring to their business and to assist them in meeting the skills need within that sector.

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC)

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is a nationally-focused member organisation connecting and supporting Australian industry to develop capability and increase overall competitiveness in domestic and global defence markets. DTC’s membership includes Prime Defence Contractors, Small-to-Medium Enterprises, Professional Service Providers and Academic Institutions that are involved in supplying and supporting Defence capability. DTC believes that Australia needs an innovative and sustainable defence industry – aligned to Australia’s strategic requirements and able to contribute to national economic prosperity.

The defence industry supply chain is diverse and DTC member companies cover the full range of products and services including high end systems engineering and integration; advanced manufacturing and precision components; design engineering and development; electronics engineering; development of new technology and products; fabrication and traditional manufacturing through to through-life support and facilities construction and providing base services and support for ADF personnel. Member capabilities also include, but not limited to, a range of supporting professional services including specialist IP lawyers, specialist immigration lawyers, IT service providers and support services.

DTC provides services to facilitate market entry and ongoing business with Defence. Services are tailored to meet the needs of companies, of all sizes and across all tiers of the supply chain, engaged in activities in all domains within the sector – Air, Land, Sea, Space and Cyber.

The Defence Teaming Centre connects, develops and advocates for defence industry.

For more information about the Defence Teaming Centre go to:

Veterans SA

Veterans SA was established in April 2008 by the South Australian State Government to provide support to the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and the veteran community. The agency sits within Defence SA, within the South Australian State Government.

Veterans SA works closely with the Veterans’ Advisory Council to provide advice to the Premier about matters relating to South Australia’s veteran community.

The veteran community in South Australia includes:

  • Veterans and their partners, families and carers
  • Ex-service organisations
  • Australian Defence Force personnel
  • War widows and widowers
  • Students, teachers and historians

For more information on Veterans SA go to:

Defence SA

Defence SA is South Australia’s lead government agency for all defence matters and the nation’s only standalone state defence organisation.

It is a single point of contact for all defence stakeholders, streamlining their interaction across the South Australian Government.

Defence SA’s mission is maximise investment and jobs from the Australian Defence Force and defence industries.

Working closely with Defence and industry, Defence SA targets investment and expansion opportunities, drives and supports the delivery of major defence projects and facilities, and pursues the location of additional Defence units and capabilities in the state.

Defence SA also plays a key role in supporting the Australian Government’s strategic defence policy, particularly by increasing local industry participation and ensuring that state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly skilled, industry-ready workforce is in place to underpin defence projects.

In recognition of the strong contribution that defence makes to the state’s economic prosperity, South Australia’s Premier is responsible for the Defence and Space Industries portfolio.

For more information on Defence SA go to:

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